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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the listed price?

The following is included in the price of the program:

- Return transport from various hub locations in Toronto to the camp ground

- Tuition, room and board

- All meals for the entirety of the stay at The Inspire Project facilities

- All on- and offsite activities, leadership sessions, academic and professional coaching sessions and quarterly “check-ins” with Mentors selected by each Participant.

How many students will be accepted into the program?

Given that The Inspire Project program is highly tailored and requires significant one-on-one mentorship to ensure Participants receive the individualized attention they require, the 2019 cohort will be capped. Applications will be evaluated on a first come, first served basis, with a focus on the depth of responses provided in the application.

What meals will be served?

Three healthy meals following Health Canada’s “Eating Well Guide” are provided to all program participants daily. The Hollows is a big space which means campers need a proper balance of carbohydrates, proteins, fruits and vegetables to keep them going throughout the day. The Hollows is a peanut free and nut-aware facility. Our kitchen offers meals for all dietary requirements and requests including vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, pork free etc. We will request information outlining allergy and dietary requirements for participants prior to the start of the program to plan around Participant needs before they arrive.

Sample menu available here

What health and safety services will be offered?

Physicians and other clinical healthcare professionals will be available onsite at all times during the program. We will go above and beyond to ensure the health, safety and well being of all Participants while onsite. Additionally, the Hollows Camp is located 20-30 mins from 3 regional hospitals and has all emergency 911 services available within minutes. A medical information form will be shared with all Participants and parents prior to the start of the program which will provide the option to list any daily medications or special needs Participants may have. Any medications sent to camp will be securely stored and administered by a healthcare professional.

How many Counselors/Facilitators will be overseeing the program?

The Inspire Project staff includes Counselors responsible for the wellbeing of Participants 24/7. Each Counselor has been carefully selected based on their youth development experience and professional capabilities. Each Counselor will be responsible for ensuring that each Participant (maximum of 5 per Counselor) maximizes their learning and growth while maintaining a safe, fun and inclusive environment. Beyond this, Hollows Camp employs a staff team responsible for administering and supervising outdoor activities, meals and all camp grounds.

Where is the program taking place?

The 2019 Inspire Project will be held at the Hollows Camp, located in Bradford, Ontario, approximately 60 minutes from downtown Toronto.

What should Participants pack for the program?

An extensive packing list will be shared with Participants upon acceptance into the program

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