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Lifelong Inspiration

Committed to lifelong growth

One of The Inspire Project’s defining principles is lifelong coaching and mentorship. We provide Participants with a uniquely meaningful onsite experience, exposing them to new ways of envisioning their academic and professional careers, helping them develop the skills to realize this new vision and building a service-oriented mentality. However, we recognize that this path is a journey, the foundation of which will be built while onsite at the program, but which will require repeated exposure and mentorship to actualize.

To ensure this support and continued guidance is available to all Participants even after the onsite program, The Inspire Project’s Alumni Association will provide one-on-one coaching with a Mentor they connected with during the program. Quarterly phone or in-person “meet-ups” will be scheduled between Mentors and Participants during which Mentors will provide guidance on post-secondary school and program selection, preliminary career planning exercises and continue the formative support and instruction started onsite.

Finally, Participants will have access to the network of fellow Inspire Project alumni throughout their lives to facilitate social and professional connections, share job opportunities, foster collaboration on projects and causes, and build community.

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