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Our Story

Hafeez and Hiren are the Co-Founders of The Inspire Project. They have a comical, somewhat unconventional and very close friendship that dates back over a decade. They bonded over their love for travel, personal growth and search for a meaningful path. They have both lived and worked all over the world and decided, after each had uniquely meaningful experiences with youth development programs over the past decade, to develop The Inspire Project.

They have both been involved in serving as Counselors and Directors for these youth programs globally for the past 15 years. The Inspire Project stemmed from these experiences and their realization that a combination of location, access and exposure precluded thousands of students who could benefit from these transformative programs.

Hafeez and Hiren launched The Inspire Project in the hopes that students, regardless of cultural background, prior experiences or financial means would be able to join this one of a kind experience.

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