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Youth between the ages of 14 and 17 will build a shared sense of community while working on a myriad of skills that will allow them to leave with a new-found sense of self, purpose, understanding of their own capabilities and how their efforts can better the world.

How we plan to achieve our mission:

Each day of this rigorous program will include a combination of outdoor activities, sports, team building exercises, unique leadership sessions and career- and self-building workshops led by renowned educators, motivators and mentors. 

Content Skills

From the start, our Participants will hear from several "Content Skill Experts" who have considerable expertise in a professional area of focus (i.e. international development, academia, finance, medicine, governance, etc.). Participants will have the ability to self-select into one of these content teams and will work under the Content Skill Experts for the remainder of the program to develop a thesis project demonstrating a robust understanding of the content area.

Functional Skills

Participants will be exposed to the skills below by "Functional Skill Experts" through workshops integrated throughout the program’s curriculum. This will help build unique competencies that will support their growth and development throughout the program.

Mentorship and Guidance

Mentorship and guidance opportunities go far beyond the camp experience. The relationship between the student and mentor will continue throughout the subsequent academic year. The mentor will establish quarterly "check-ins" to provide academic or professional guidance. Further detail on this program is provided in the "Lifelong Inspiration" section.

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