Our Approach

A rigorous academic, career-building experience in an adventure-filled, outdoor environment at the base of Lake Simcoe.

Students will leave this transformative immersion program with a unique set of skills which will enable them to be stronger leaders, lead more intentional academic careers and embody a service-oriented mentality, all with a global scope.

The Inspire Project is led by highly trained staff chosen for the uniquely impactful paths they have followed, their passion for inspiring and developing youth and their decades of experience and shaping young minds using various tailored teaching methods


At the Inspire Project, we believe that exposure to global leaders who are working towards international humanitarian, philanthropic and business efforts can spark Participants’ desire to build a service-focused, globally-oriented career. Mentors from a range of influential, global organizations will lead Participants through this rigorous academic program. Organizations represented, include:

Academic Affiliations
Professional Affiliations